I think I'm losing time

Or maybe it is that time is moving faster lately.  I can't believe it has been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Oops.

Here's what's going on.

Asher is growing and learning all the time. This is the awesomeness that is parenthood. The amount of love and pride I feel for my kids is more intense than anything I've ever felt before. Asher's physical abilities amaze me all the time. I've told you he can kick a ball. Now my neighbor witnessed it and was equally amazed. Granted it's not like he kicks it far, but he moves it with intent and does miss. At 16 months, I find that amazing.  Perhaps this is normal and Isaac's athletic ability at this age was simply under developed.

We find Asher climbing all sorts of things. He moves step stools, highchairs, kid chairs, and anything else to climb every higher. Did I mention that once Alex and I found him sitting inside the third drawer in our kitchen? He pulled it out, moved a step stool over, climbed up, and was annoyed that we took him out of the utensil drawer.  I feel like that is Asher in a nutshell.

Isaac is playful and defiant as ever. We are struggling through potty training once again. I'm sorry to my friends and family. This is all I talk about lately as this is all-consuming at the moment. We are in the heart of power-struggles here.

Roy sometimes gets left out, so here's an update. He's playing more with a chocolate lab across the street who is only two. It's nice to see our old man run and play.

Oh, in other news, I got a big haircut. I was sick of it on my neck. This isn't the best picture, but hopefully it'll give you an idea. I'll have to give Alex the camera more often so I can get some of me with the boys.


  1. Yay for everyone!! Sounds like your boys are happy and growing and learning and you and Alex are soaking it up! And your haircut is cute and just in time for the dog days of summer!


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