What a week

This has been quite an emotional week.  Between lack of sleep, hormones, a broken pump, and all around stress at work, and not being able to keep up at home, I had a meltdown.  Maybe two, but who's counting.  I seem to care more when I'm low on sleep.  When I've had no sleep, I just don't care at all.  Maybe it's a good thing that I sort of cared this week. It's a testament that I've had at least a three hour stretch at night most nights.

Probably hormones are playing large part here.  I know things are changing since I'm shedding hair like mad. (To my friends without kids, this is normal; it's okay.)

Alex was extra wonderful to me. Tonight when I got home, he sent me back out to do something by myself, which was such a treat.  I got a Starbucks cold coffee and went shopping for shorts for Isaac for his school.  I realize that doesn't sound like much, but it was just the break I needed. Keeping up with a house, work, kids, and my sanity it really hard lately.

Okay, suck it up, buttercup. Enough on the bad.  Onto the good.  In the middle of the night when I put Asher down after feeding him, I can't help but cling to him a few seconds longer.  I love my time with him. I want to just hold him and love on him all the time. He is so sweet, especially when sleeping. ;-)

A small update on Asher, he enjoys sucking on his toes and can roll over from stomach to back with consistency.

Isaac is amazing. He is learning so quickly and his personality is coming out. He's gentle and caring with his brother even though it's obvious he is getting a bit jealous.

Terrible picture, but you get the idea.
He's starting to put things together that is quite funny. For example, when looking at a muddy truck in a book. "He needs to wash his face." I agreed and said that it needed a car wash.  "With soap bubbles!"  That's right, kiddo.

He is also starting to say a few words on a page of books that we've read a lot. It's pretty funny when he shouts out "Shove on shorty!" (It was a double decker bus that wouldn't let the little blue truck go past.)


  1. Meltdowns sometimes need to happen to readjust and move on. I'm sorry, though. They aren't any fun. :(

    Asher is ADORABLE in that first picture! I love his grin!

    And Isaac is doing awesome!! He will be a lot happier when Asher can play with him...it won't be long. By the time Asher is crawling, Isaac will be happier to "play" with him.

    I like the flower pictures! And yay to Alex for letting you get out! Good for you for knowing you needed it!

    Did you decide on a school?

    1. We did decide on a school. There is a local Catholic school that had a better curriculum for toddlers. Some of their goals are to jump with two feet, drink from an open cup, expand vocabulary, lace beads, etc. He starts next week!

  2. What sweet kids you have.
    A broken pump! Oh no! That's the worst. Hopefully you got a replacement right away.
    "suck it up buttercup" - Hee hee :-) Does that count as your pep talk? - KL

    1. Hi Katie. Sometimes it is my pep talk. :-) As for the pump, I had a Medlea electric that I brought out, which works great! I was actually able to superglue the hinge part of my hand pump, so it turned out to be okay after all. But, of course, it happened when I was in a rush to get out the door and back to work. Such is life. It makes for a good story at least. :-)

  3. Can't go wrong with little blue truck... Both her staples with the boys and now Romilly whether she wants to or not

  4. Can't go wrong with little blue truck... Both her staples with the boys and now Romilly whether she wants to or not

    1. We love little blue truck. I'm getting a toy little blue truck for Isaac's birthday. Not that he needs another truck, but still. :-)


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