The long awaited curtains are here.  Alex and I just put them up.  Plus we now have roman shades that are similar to those in the living room.  This is mostly because they don't have cords.  The off-white roman shades match the curtains, which match the crib.

I think the curtains turned out well.  Okay - if I'm being honest, I've only done two of the four panels, but that's okay.  I'm still working on them.  The little details like not covering up where the rod goes, etc, takes time.  Plus, I like having neat corners & it all takes time.

I took great care in making sure the green fabric matched the paintings.  I also have a lamp on my registry that will be in the corner with the rocker.

The lamp will be where the tools are.

One more just because I'm happy with them.

DH did say, "You know, Isaac will pull these down at some time."  I protested thinking surely not.  His response was, "I don't think you know how destructive little boys really are."  Hmm.  Well, it's a good thing Alex and I aren't afraid of a little house work.


  1. Isaac is a very lucky little guy. :)

  2. They look fantastic!! And little boys are wild! I found mine standing on the dining room table today crying because he hit his head on the chandelier. Seriously, I left him for less than one minute while going to his room to put away clothes.

    1. I have a feeling this will be a whole new world for me - even more than anticipated.

    2. The first boy is a whole new world for every mommy, even those who already have girls!

  3. I think, too, that the curtains turned out well! Green fabric and paintings matched well. Overall, the design isn't too nursery-room-like, and that's good cause that means this room can stay this (except for the crib, of course) way until the boys turned seven or


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