As a parent

A few pictures of play:

I considered getting some sort of water table for a split second, then I looked around my house at all the toys.  There are so many I put some in closets and still have a few unopened from Christmas. Head's up family, Isaac wants books and practical gifts for his birthday.  Just saying. :-)

He has as much fun playing with items that serve a double purpose.  He just wanted me to play along, too.

There are some new skills you learn as a parent.  I've decided to make a short list of some of them.
  • Memorizing books
    • After the 20th time, "Goodnight Moon" just seems to stick
  • Pulling songs out of your head that haven't been sung in nearly 15 years while simultaneously creating choreographed moves for little one's entertainment.
  • Acting ridiculous just for the giggles from your little one
    • Silly faces
    • Crazy noises
    • Terrible dance moves (see above)
  • Figuring out new ways to prepare food
    • Such as butterflying a piece of toast since two slices makes the PB sandwich too big; yes it can be done. 
  • Sneakily cleaning up while playing so that little one doesn't see you putting a toy away. 
  • Acting skills improve
    • Being more stern than you really are when little one is naughty even though it is funny
    • Acting surprised when you see little one emerge from behind the sofa for the 12th time in a row.
  • Seated play
    • My sister is master of this: her kids run around while she's taking care of the youngest and go back to her for positive reinforcement, such as a high five or "mommy look at this."
  • How to narrate everything and determine what is most important.
    • "Here's how to make a good pot of coffee"
  • Willing yourself to be well so you can take care of a little one.
    • Achy muscles aren't all that important when little one vomits everywhere.
    • Priorities change - embrace it and marvel that your body can carry you through

A video for you:


  1. That "mowing" from Isaac was clear as day!! Way to go for speech explosion!

    I love your lists, too! Ha! You just never know what it going to be like to be a parent until you are one! In the trenches...

  2. Oh, and pre-birthday, make a list of "practical gifts", please!


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