A week later

We're doing well. There's really not much to report on. The boys are continuing to play, learn, and grow. Asher just had his 15 month appointment. He is in the 98% for length and 90% for weight... and 98% for head circumference. My big-headed boy is healthy.  Though, he wasn't too pleased with the shots.

Asher is also learning some signs. He regularly signs "all-done" and he's finally getting "milk." He does say the beginning of words, but there's nothing consistent yet. Every now and then I think he says something, but then I don't hear it again. According to the pediatrician, this is common. He expects Asher to have a language boom in the next three months as he is already communicating some.

Isaac is getting better with communication, too. He will ask things like, "What are you doing?" and "How are you doing, today?" He constantly talks still about things he sees and things he's done. He is still into train crossing arms and as I write this, he is using a measuring cup like a bell.

We've been going to places like Magic House and the library. Both are always a hit. Isaac loves the library and asks to go often. He plays computer games, finds good books, and plays with the toys in the children's section.  Asher is getting into it, too by exploring more and finding new books. Asher is constantly taking Isaac's books and handing them to either me or Alex to read. It's really very cute.



  1. Wow! I didn't realize quite how big Asher is! That's great! And how exciting that his language boom is just around the corner! You'll have to start a "Friday Funnies" series!

  2. Also, yay for the library!! We love checking out all the different branches. :)


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