Roy is nine!

Roy is nine years old! He's a wonderful kind and patient part of our family. Happy Birthday!

We've had a few other developments this week. Asher is "talking" more. He seems to get the inflections down and the first part of the word.  Enough that we can understand him sometimes. Other times he just jabbers.


Isaac keeps asking if Asher will go back in mommy's belly. I'm not sure if that's wishful thinking or if he's afraid Asher will leave.  He's always surprising me with what he learns and puts together. I have awesome kids.

We are also starting potty training. I have cherry jelly-bellies and tootsie rolls ready as treats for trying and successes.  Wish us luck... and clorox wipes!

We've been having lots of fun outside when we can. It is getting too hot in the afternoon, so we've been doing a lot of morning play. We're making good use of the toys a neighbor gave us. This combined with the slide has made us the place to be. It's fun being the house that other kids want to go to for a change.



  1. Happy birthday, Roy!!

    Yay for talking Asher! It's almost explosion time!!

    Potty training is going to go great! Even if it is hard. We set a timer for every 45 minutes when we started training Leo, and then moved up about 5 minutes every other day. It was a way harder experience than potty training Olivia. But you've got this! One success will build on another!


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