My boys

It seems like so much is in chaos, it's nice to be able to focus on my boys.  They are fun, giggly, and amazing me with their personalities every day.

Isaac likes to pretend a lot. He plays by himself with toy trains, cars, whatever. We can hear him start to narrate the play. It's very cute.

He plays with his brother well most of the time.  He will ask for Ash when he's down for a nap. They play in their rooms really well and only make a kind of big mess. :-) Every now and then Asher messes up his toy train track and Isaac will trick him into going into Alex's office. Isaac then closes the baby gate so Asher can't get out. Asher wants to keep up with his big brother. It's really cute.

Asher does not fall for the trick of taking something out of his hands (remote, phone) and giving him something else (toy car, ball.)  He knows what he wants and let's us know that we aren't fooling him.

His molars allow Asher to eat different foods, and he is enjoying it.  Mangoes and bigger pieces of strawberries are on the top of his list. Asher also is amazing at taking off his socks and shoes by himself.  He prefers to go barefoot. Thank goodness we are going into summer and not winter.  He's also a fan of throwing things down the stairs.

We are playing outside a lot with neighbors.  It's wonderful.

Some of the neighbors got rid of their outdoor toys, which means, my kids get to play with new toys! The car was "gifted" to us last year by a neighbor. The water table was "new" to us two days ago.  Already the boys are soaked and having fun.


  1. Wow!! This post makes me see how much of his own little person Asher is!! Wow! He is moving so well and so dexterous to be able to open the drawer, get the spoons, and navigate around the island and Roy to throw the spoons down the open stairs without holding on!! I was worried each trip!

    Yay for neighbors cast offs and fun times with boys! Yay for Isaac's independent play!!

    Yay for your loving mama's heart!


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