Growing, Learning, Pushing Boundaries, and Laughing

Hello Everyone,

Throughout the week, I make mental notes about the boys. "Oh, I should include this!"  However, when I get to sitting down and typing, I've forgotten it by then. This could be just because I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet. In any case, I'll try to do better.

Father's Day was fun. Alex enjoyed his gifts from the boys. Asher got him a Dad squared T-shirt, Isaac got him computer speakers, and Roy got him a long wood clamp. They also got him an awesome card with all of their hand/paw prints.

Asher is starting to be pickier when it comes to food. This week he refused peaches and cantaloupe. I was surprised. He loves bagels, pineapple bread pudding that I made for Alex, and anything Isaac eats. :-) Asher is still a spoon thrower. Last night I found 6 on the basement steps.  He is also getting very good at going up and DOWN stairs independently. He wants to keep up with his brother and Isaac is always on the move.

Isaac is getting more athletic. He is doing front rolls all the time across the carpet. He jumps on the neighbors trampoline. He even went swimming in their blow-up pool. It's about 3 feet deep. He had fun until he didn't. :-)

Both boys have been loving outside. They even help me "paint" and water the plants. Most of the time we are just silly, though. They always get soaked and dirty. But, that means they are playing and having fun. That is their job at this age after all.

In this picture it looks like Asher is taking the ball from Roy, but he's actually giving it to him. Roy has such a gentle mouth as a trained bird-dog that the only fear is getting slobber on Asher.


Isaac is pushing boundaries a lot more lately. He still narrates most of the time, so we know if he's about to do something naughty. We then correct his bad behavior. However, now instead of listening to us and leaving it alone, he listens to us, stops for a moment, and then goes back to whatever it was. Las night ended in a large mess in the foyer, a penny inside the printer, and him going to bed without dessert. He was mad; we weren't exactly thrilled either. It happens. After a story, hugs, and kisses, everyone was okay, though.

Note to my future self in regards to potty training. Only pick battles with three-year-olds you know you can win. Their resolve is much stronger than yours. Also, be flexible. It'll happen.

Yesterday Isaac went to the dentist. We talked about what would happen. We watched videos. We practiced with finger what the explorer, suction, and brush would feel like. He was great with the light, chair leaning back, glasses, bib, and counting teeth. He even laughed when the hygienist let him feel the brush on his finger.  Then, we got to the actual brushing part. He had his front two teeth brushed and refused after that. I attempted to put my monkey back in the chair, but it wasn't happening. After several minutes of him running around and saying, "I don't like the dentist." I was able to hold him on my lap long enough for the dentist to just look at his teeth and his bite. Then, they recommended a children's dentist. We'll try that next time.

Thanks for hanging in for my long post.

Until next time!


  1. I love the adventures from Vix land!! Keep up the good work, mama! I like the dentist story and recommendation. ;)


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