As my sister says..

.. just loving our babies and trying to stay sane.

Isaac is learning the perks of having a little brother. The other day I asked who made a big mess. Of course Isaac blamed Asher.  Granted, it could have been Asher taking all the books out, but no doubt he had a hand in it, too.

It's been getting really hard for me to get to work lately. Isaac will ask me to stay home. When I tell him I have to go to work he'll say, "No, Mommy! Stay!"  :-( Sorry buddy. This morning he climbed up on his step stool at the counter and said, "Let's make something."  I told him we'd make something my next home day.  It'll probably be no-bake cookies because they don't take long.


Quick trip to the zoo on a perfect evening:

He's getting really funny with his responses.  Last night Alex was reading Isaac a bedtime story. Isaac said, "You're doing a great job, Daddy."  This morning I forgot my keys and after staying goodbye to everyone, I came back inside the house and said, "Sorry, I'm back for just a second while I grab my keys." Isaac said, "It's okay." He takes everything so literally. I'm not really apologizing, but that's how I talk.  Just like the other night when he kept interrupting me when I was trying to read him a story. "I'm getting sick of you talking over me when reading." Isaac responds with, "Mommy is a little sick and going to vomit." Of course, this makes me laugh.


Playing with the neighbor's car

Speaking of reading, Asher is still really big on his book kick. He will take Isaac's books and bring them into his room. He has a stack that he constantly hands us to read. Most of the time he'll give us a book and then sit on our laps. However, if Isaac is already sitting in my lap, Asher is like a cat circling until he can find a perfect spot. If he's on your lap, he turns the pages.



Asher is brave and steady up and down the stairs. However, the other day he had a bad fall, so I'm expecting a bit more caution from him... maybe.


  1. Sweet post!! You are doing a great job with a hard job! Loving your babies AND staying sane is a lot to ask. ;) You're boys are cute as always! I like the insight into Isaac's responses and hearing what they are both up to!


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