I'm so behind!  Work is crazy, life is normal, but normal is hectic.  Time is flying by.

We've gotten out in between the rainy days, which are many.  We've made a few discoveries, too.

Asher likes banana bread.... a lot.

The back steps of the local public library are great to play on when the ground is saturated.

The signing egg timer is awesome and let's you know which stages to pull the eggs based on your preferences.

Asher hates eggs.  I didn't get a picture of the after, but here he was about to try hard boiled eggs for the first time.  It wasn't a good surprise for him.

Harry Potter night at our house included some cute owl cupcakes.  Moaning Myrtle announced the bathroom and the Fat Lady asked for the password to the basement.

Before the rainy season came, Isaac played a lot with the neighbors.  We have a new slide that will go up on the deck at some point when everything dries out.

Asher enjoys being outdoors as much as his brother.

My seedlings made it!  They are in the ground and are healthy now. I'm looking forward to fresh beans and cucumbers this summer.

The boys play with the train table a lot, which is wonderful.  Asher has a tendency to pull it apart, but not before they have a lot of fun.

The swings are still a hit!


  1. Nice post!! You are doing it!

    The seedlings look great! Cool idea doing it in an egg carton! The slide looks fun! Library steps are the best! You are so talented to make those cupcakes for your Harry Potter Party! Love it! Swings--hours of fun! Yay!

  2. Great pictures! What fun for the boys. And like Christine said your seedlings look great. Mom


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