Conference, Birthday, and Play

Last week, I was out of town at a conference. While I was away from my babies, Alex's parents came in to lend a hand.  It made me feel much less guilty about leaving Alex with the kids.  The kids are wonderful, but it's a lot if you don't have any help.

I'm not sure why, but I didn't take many pictures of me in Texas or my presentation. I totally should have.  Well, it was pretty down there and felt like summer. I also got swag that matched my outfit. :-)

Back at home, Grandma Fran and Grandpa Vern celebrated Asher's Birthday a bit early.  Isaac was kind enough to help with some of the presents. :-)

Asher also tried spaghetti.  I think he liked it.

After I got home, we played a lot to make up for me being gone.


After a few days, we celebrated Asher's Birthday.  He's one years old.  He is in the 90% for weight; 95% for height; and 98% for head size.  That makes more sense of why a sweater didn't fit over his noggin last week. :-)

For his Birthday, I made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Of course I put in a little almond extract, because it's wonderful. I think Asher enjoyed trying cupcakes and frosting for the first time.  What do you think?

We then opened presents and had all sorts of wonderful toys, clothes, books, and stuff for the kids. I say it like this because of course Isaac tests out all the toys for his brother. Really, he's a sucker for quality control.  He also test tested the frosting before I put it on the cupcakes, too.

We also tried out the new swings!!!


  1. You looked great on your trip and all the play time looked fun! It's great that Fran could help out!! Love the swings!! And the quality control!


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