Spring Break

It's a good day.  My shingles is much better. The kids are happy and healthy. And my husband is wonderful.

A few bad but fun pictures of Asher and me. He's only happy if he's moving. :-)

A fer Asher updates:
  1. He is getting his sixth tooth. He will now have four teeth on the bottom and two on the top.  It's very cute.
  2. He says "Mama" a lot. He says "Dada" when he sees Wolf Blitzer.  We don't know why.
  3. He waves hello to people.
  4. He will eat anything.
  5. He likes to try to put his toes in his mouth. Depending on how he is positioned, he succeeds.
  6. He likes to play peekaboo.

Isaac is happy to be back at school after Spring Break last week.  He talks about his friends a lot. A few updates:
  1. He like having books read to him.  However, there are certain books only I am allowed to read. For example, "Book with no pictures" is strictly a mommy-only book. Apparently Alex doesn't make the noises/expressions/faces/whatever the same way.
  2. He is asserting his independence more by deciding what he wants to do. This means he doesn't always make it to the table on time for dinner and misses out on play time later, but that's his choice. For some reason transitions are hard for him again.
  3. He loves his brother and is very sweet to him (most of the time.) Isaac will "check" on Asher often and does things just to make him laugh.

A few pictures from Spring Break 2017. Asher got a tattoo and Isaac tested out his new wheels.



    Love your post and the new blog look! Is it new? I think it is...

    I love that spring break is a thing even though elementary school hasn't started. Any break to the routine!

    You are so good at documenting what your kids are doing and not just doing random catch-up posts like I do! :) I think it is funny that Isaac is "late to dinner". I call that bad listening in my house. I think I like your idea better. I might try it!


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