More than our fair share

There are some things I like to have in excess: cake, ice cream, chocolates. It seems that instead of having these sweet things, we have been given something else. Sickness. A whole lot of it. This past fall was filled with sickness Isaac brought home from preschool. It seemed like every other week we had a cough, runny nose, or stomach bug. This winter it was apparently my turn. I had a bad muscle spasm in my neck, mastitis, and now shingles.  Shingles! Alex jokes that I'm an old lady.  He can joke because I lucked out and it's not terrible.  It's not good by any stretch of the word, but it could be worse.

Now that you've read all this, I'll give you some pictures, which is why you are really here. Plus, I have some exciting news, Asher took his first steps!!! I stayed home on Friday, the day after I got the news from the Dr., and I got to see Asher take three steps on his own. Mr. Trouble is on the move!!


  1. Boo to sickness!! But yay for your positive attitude! You can do anything!!

    And your boys are stinkin' adorable!! Too cute! I'm so glad you have those sweet ones!

  2. That second picture that has Isaac in it is super good! Love it!


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