I normally don't go this long without posting.  Here's an update.

Alex and I finally got out on a date. Hooray!  We didn't do much, but it was just us and that's what counts.  A good dinner, a good conversation, and a drive alone was just what we needed. We're excited that we found a babysitter that Isaac liked, so that worked out well.  Thank you, Christine, for the tip about Sittercity.com.

Isaac's humor is getting better all the time. He still suggests bad flavor combinations and laughs.  Or, he'll say suggest a silly situation that he knows we wouldn't allow, like eating PB&J in the bathtub.  He finds these very funny and laughs. He still thinks being defiant is funny, but we're working on that. At least he realizes when I'm annoyed with his bad behavior. He'll say, "Mommy's frustrated."


I've been having a lot of headaches lately and bad neck pain.  After dealing with it for over two weeks, I decided to see my doctor. It turns out to be a bad muscle spasm. I always thought a spasm was when a muscle pulsed. Apparently not. It was just super tight and very swollen. I'm on a muscle relaxer and pain medication that has an anti-inflammatory built in.  While this has made my pain, swelling, and headaches much better, I kind of miss the occasional drink in the evening.  A friend of mine suggested I have a drink of wine along-side the muscle relaxer, but this was followed by laughter, so I don't think she was serious. The problem should be gone in roughly two weeks, so that's something.

Asher's sleeping is getting better.  He's going about 5-6 hours before waking up, which is a wonderful improvement. Alex and I are trying to stay strong with this.  He's been great.  He'll work on getting Asher settled when he wakes up crying after only 3 hours.  A few nights have been rough, but I can see we are making progress.  Each night seems to get a little easier. I'm hoping we stay well long enough for this to become our normal routine.

Roy has been increasingly troublesome.  We sometimes put Isaac's snack by the TV, so it's easy for him to reach.  Roy has found that its quite easy to reach as well.  He's also realized that food on the counter and butcher block is also easy to reach.  We found out just how daring he was when we made a batch of cookies and left them to cool.  When we got up from our naps, they were all gone.  Needless to say, I was less than pleased.

Other than that it is same old same old.  I like a routine, so I'm not complaining.


  1. I love this post!! It is chock full of your beautiful life!!

    Yay for going out by yourselves!! It doesn't matter what you do, but taking time for just the two of you does!! I'm so happy you made that happen!!

    Pat yourself on the back for working on Asher's sleep. It will get better! Stay strong!!

    Roy sounds annoying right now. I hope you all get through this hiccup.

    Isaac's humor is so cute!! Sweet kiddo!!

    I love the drumming! Their clothes remind me of my boys in them. I love Asher's chubby belly and Isaac being sweet with his baby brother!! Sweet music in your house!


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