Nine Hours!

Asher slept nine hours straight the other night. This was the first time ever. It was wonderful.  At that time I fed and changed him, then he slept another 4 hours.  What a life. It was great for me, though. I slept in until almost 7:00am, so I'm thrilled.

We've had a pretty good week. Last weekend my parents came to visit us for a quick trip. It seems our visits are always centered around food. Next time I hope they stay longer and we can do more activities. You know, more food. :-)

They brought presents that we couldn't fit into the car and they brought a train table that wasn't being used by my nephews anymore. It's been an instant hit!  Isaac loves playing and Asher loves being destructive. It's at a good level so Asher can walk around it on his own. I find that I'll put the track together and am happy with what I've done, then Asher comes and ruins it. I think I care more than Isaac. :-)

We've been enjoying the weather as well. We get out as much as possible since we've actually been well.  

This past weekend was quite temperate, so we were outside a lot. We played with so many neighbors and kids at the playground that it seemed like a really full weekend, which was nice.


Right now I'm home suffering from another bout of mastitis. I'm already on a antibiotic, so I'm hoping I feel better soon. 


  1. Yay for sleeping nine hours!! That's awesome!!

    That train table is great! So glad you guys are using it. I always feel the same way about making tracks. :)

    So sorry about the mastitis. That is no fun. :(


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