Small update

When I should have been marching, I was taking care of kiddos. We played outside while Alex worked. The kids haven't been feeling 100%, so we took it easy. We went over to our neighbor's house, who are the kids surrogate grandparents. Gailzy and Pop are great to the kids and wonderful to us. Saturday morning was warm, so we played on the deck and got some fresh air. Plus, I didn't want to bring the remnants of a cold into their house. This is not a flattering picture of her. She is a real beauty.

Isaac and I also played with chalk, which is always fun.  Isaac asks me to draw something, and I try to draw something recognizable. Thomas and Percy are some frequent requests, so I have practice.

On Sunday we baked and were in the kitchen a lot. Isaac now has his own apron, so he was in his element.

I got a few of Asher being cute. His cheeks aren't too rosy in this, but they sure were that night. In fact, he was up a lot.

One day we'll be well again. This year of preschool and challenge to our immunity has been really hard on us. I'm ready to be done with it.

I shared this on Facebook, but I want to do it here, too. I'm proud of my Spring wreath made with just materials I had around the house.


  1. Yes, what a hard and long cold season you guys have had. But you are weathering the front, and hopefully this is the worst of it.

    So glad you have great neighbors! They seem peaceful and fun!

    Cute boys you have!! I love the chalk drawings, too!

    Love your wreath!


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