Nine Months & cute

Asher is growing so much!  I'm amazed all the time at how big and capable he is.  He's crawling everywhere, pulling up, and getting into so much.  He has four teeth and is chewing on everything, too.  He has a Dr.'s appointment in a few days, so I'll be able to give you information soon.

Here are the boys one morning looking at the snow.  They were in the bathroom with me as I put on makeup for work.

Messy after eating, but not minding a bit. :-)

On the move!

This one is super blurry, but it's to show you how much Asher loves Roy.  Poor Roy, he gets loved a little too much sometimes, I think.

Isaac and I like to bake. Here we are making chocolate pecan oatmeal cookies.  He now has his own apron!  Thanks grandma!

Something funny about Isaac.  Last night at dinner, he decided that he wanted to be part of the conversation as well.  While Alex and I were talking to each other, Isaac blurted out, "I am cute!"  Yes.  Yes, you are.


  1. Ahh!! I love these posts and these moments! Yay for growing up and Yay for cute Isaac!!


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