Back at it

Having a few days to celebrate New Years at home was wonderful.  I was able to make several baby foods for Asher and catch up on a few household chores.  While we did have a cold, we at least didn't have to be anywhere, so we were able to rest as much as possible. We mostly just hung around and played with Christmas toys and games. Asher got to try new foods, which always makes him happy. Shredded cheese was a favorite for him.


The kids weren't exactly the happiest.  Asher caught the cold and is working on his top teeth. I don't have any pictures of this because taking pictures of his front teeth is about as easy as ... well.. something difficult.  He is cute, though.

Isaac also caught the cold and his cough was pretty bad.  I ended up taking him to the Dr. one morning.  He did a breathing treatment to see if a certain medicine would help.  It didn't.  But, in a way, that was a good thing b/c it meant it wasn't as serious and it would go away on it's own after a while.

He was okay with it since he got to ride an elevator.

Here is Isaac trying his hand at photography as art.  He's titled it, "Here's the button."


  1. Sweet kiddos! Asher is cute, and Isaac looks brave with his breathing treatment. I hope the colds run their courses quickly. Love to you guys!

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    1. This is Nicholas...not sure why I am Unknown (and not even Superunknown).

    2. The adventures of.... SUPERUNKNOWN!

  3. We love "messy" cheese at our house. Love the breathing treatment photo.


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