Visitors & Haircut

Hello everyone.  Once again it is late in the week before I am posting.  I think the weekdays go faster now that the holidays are approaching.

Last week I gave Asher a haircut.  It was long enough to get into his eyes which caused him to rub them a lot.  It was also getting long in the back whenever it wet.  It was time.  I think it turned out well considering he was moving the whole time. :-)

Fran and Vern came this past weekend since we didn't get to see them over Thanksgiving.  We had a great time just visiting and playing.

 Asher is also starting to stand on his own really well.  He's crawling a little, but mostly going backwards now.  He gets his legs stuck under the couch or pack and play and voices his dissatisfaction with the situation loudly.

Isaac's speech has improved.  He is clearer all the time.  The grandparents said they could understand him much better.  He enjoyed playing and snuggling with them.

Thank you for coming!!