"What are you?"

"Oh, you are my friend." Asher loves Roy.  He waves to him often.  He giggles whenever Roy is in the room. He tries to touch him and recently found one of his toys. I assume out of a measure of solidarity, Asher chewed on it, too... until we found him, were grossed out, and removed it.

"You are my friend, too." The boys get along surprisingly well.  Asher pulls Isaac's hair, but Isaac doesn't fuss about it.  I think he understands enough to know that Asher can't help it.  Also, it helps that I correct Asher.  I will tell Asher not to do that and Isaac seems to approve. Isaac tries to make Asher laugh and is very pleased with himself when he succeeds.

Daddy and little buddy.

This past weekend, Isaac went to the Magic House (a children's museum) for a birthday party with one of his friends at school.  It was awesome!!  We had such a great time.  Plus, we got to ride in the elevator, which was wonderful.

Isaac is enjoying school a lot. I think it is helping his verbal skills get significantly better.  He uses the gender-appropriate pronoun most of the time now, which is good.  Isaac used to say "he" for everyone.  He is also using complete sentences more often.  When I ask him if he's doing okay, he actually says, "Yes, I am doing okay."

We've had fun at home, too.  I got my sewing machine out the other day and Isaac thought the buttons and switches were pretty cool.  He's also been helping me more often around the house.  We've been cleaning a lot together.  He really just keeps me company and doesn't hinder, which itself is a help.


  1. What sweet boys you have! Roy too :-) ~KL

  2. Isaac going to school really will help with Asher's immunity, too!! I promise! We went through lots of sickness...and then Olivia went to kindergarten and missed just three days. It will pay off!

    I love that Asher is starting to participate more and make an impression on Isaac more! Yay for brothers!

  3. Looks like the boys are having fun together! The picture of them with their pacifiers is too funny!


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