Visit & Halloween

Alex's parents came to visit over the weekend. I was so thankful for their help since Isaac caught a bad stomach bug.  I had the amazing experience of having a child vomit at a restaurant. I think two emotions can sum up the experience: Concern (for your sick child who got sick and is now crying hysterically) and Embarrassment (like, why didn't I know he was sick before taking him into public where he wretched on the floor in front of people who were eating.)  Luckily, the manager was super nice about it and very understanding.  Even if he wasn't, he pretended he was.  We'll go back there again!

Since Isaac wasn't well, we hung around the house and didn't go to any of the planned Halloween activities over the weekend.  I don't think Isaac missed much. He got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa, play games, and watch tv. We went outside for fresh air, but I didn't let him play with the neighbors.  I don't want to be that parent.

On Sunday, Isaac just laid on the couch pretty much all day. Alex and I went to a block party for a couple of hours while Fran & Vern watched Isaac.  It was nice to get out and mingle. Asher dressed up as the saddest puppy ever.

Today I took Isaac to the Dr.'s office for a morning walk-in visit.  We learned that a stomach bug is going around and it takes 7-10 days to get over.  AHHHH!  Well, at least he's not drooping all over the house.  We've been playing board games, pretend games, and watching elevators still. The nurse practitioner gave us some tips for this particular variety, like keep eating regular foods even yogurt so the probiotics can lend a hand.  Here he is looking particularly not-sick!


  1. Asher is getting so big! Poor Isaac, being sick is the worst. Hang in there! ~KL

  2. I totally missed this post!! Asher looks adorable as a puppy! And I am so sorry for all the sickness. No fun. :(


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