Pictures and update

I think I mentioned that my neighbor and I traded photo sessions.  She took pictures of my family and vice versa.  Last weekend was our turn.  I think they turned out great.

Now something funny. Isaac is using his brother to try and make a case for things he wants.  For example:
"Let's go to the basement." I said no and that we needed to go do something else. 
"But, Asher is crying." Asher was in my arms and not crying at all. I tried to explain that just because he is crying doesn't mean that we can do whatever he wants.  Plus, Asher wasn't crying anyway.

Asher is starting to make noises for Alex and me.  Alex is "ba ba ba" and I am "ya ya ya."  This is fairly consistent.  He is shaking his head as if he is saying 'no' a lot.  When we do this in return, he thinks it is hilarious. 

Isaac's empathy is really starting to come out.  We talked about the leaves falling and he said, "Oh no, the tree will be sad."  I explained that it's okay.  We had a similar conversation about the bean vines I took down.  


  1. The pictures are awesome!! And Isaac's thinking is definitely maturing! Love him!!

  2. The pics are great! I want an 8 x 10 of the first family photo. I need to update my wall.😉


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