Fun around town

Isaac's humor continues to develop.  He recognizes that certain foods go together and others that don't.  So, he'll say flavor combinations that would be bad and then he laughs.  One of his favorites to say is strawberry jam and potatoes.  He laughs a lot at his own humor.  He's just like his mama in that regard.

This past weekend we went to the History Museum for a play date since it was chilly outside.  They have a great area for kids. Plus, they had an exhibit with toys from the 50's, 60's and 70's where kids could play with a lot of the toys.  It was fun.

The slinky was a hit! He kept going back to that one.

We've also been hanging around the neighborhood.  We often go see our neighbors, which are pretty much surrogate grandparents to the kids.  They love Gailzy and Pop!

We've enjoyed playing outside a lot.  We're trying to soak it all in before the weather changes, which looks like it will be this evening.  We'll have to break out the big winter wear soon.

Roy's bum photo bombed Asher