Deck the halls

Surprise, we got sick again.  Last Monday we kept Isaac home from school so he wouldn't pick up any germs.  We didn't want him to be sick over Thanksgiving when grandparents arrived. He ended up coming down with a nasty stomach bug that afternoon anyway.  I got it that night.  It was horrible.  I haven't been this sick in about 20 years.  At this point we decided to delay Thanksgiving by a few days.  Alex took great care of us and everything.  On Thanksgiving Isaac and I were feeling better, but as caretaker, Alex was exposed to it a lot.  He came down with it too.  That's when we cancelled Thanksgiving all together. Asher has it a little now, but I'm hoping the worst is over.

Before being sick:

On Thanksgiving Day.

Asher's starting to wave!

We needed a little Christmas right this very minute.

Since we didn't make Thanksgiving dinner, we had cranberries left over. Yesterday, Isaac and I made a super-yummy cake.

A little playtime to end the weekend.


  1. You poor things!! This fall has been rough in the Vix house!! I am so sorry! I hope the worst is over and you all stay well for Christmas!!

    Your Christmas tree looks great!

    And the cake looks yummy!! Way to go!!

    I like the playing pictures, too!


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