We're still in recovery mode from a cold last week.  We're a bit run down, but still managing to run around.  That's the way it goes with a toddler and a baby, though.

On the plus side, we are having fun through the coughs.

Isaac is having a wonderful time at school.  His teacher sent me these a few days ago.

Isaac continues to amaze me.  He's smart. He puts things together. And sometimes, he says really funny things.

  1. We went out to a restaurant recently. On our way out he said, "We ate the restaurant!" He then corrected himself and said "We ate IN the restaurant."
  2. Me whispering to him before his bedtime "Say night-night to Daddy", "Night-night ice cream" and he waved to his empty bowl.  We know what's important to him.
He's really into Thomas books, but doesn't really watch Thomas and Friends on TV much.  He's still all about the elevators on YouTube.  Almost every night he requests the book Strega Nona. I think he likes it because it's longer than some of his other books and this stalls bedtime a bit.  Plus, he likes the song. :-)

Here are a few more pictures of the past few days. Here's Asher happy to go on a walk.

Lea Ann, Isaac likes cinnamon on his ice cream just like you!

Oh, I forgot to mention, part of Isaac's skin tag in his nose came off!  It's far less noticable, now.


  1. Yay for this post! Yay for your cute, smart Isaac! So glad he is loving school!

    I love cinnamon on my ice cream, too! It reminds me of rice cream from the old days!

    Asher's hair is adorable in the last photo and him in the stroller is my favorite picture of him yet!

  2. Isaac has taste. I so love this!


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