Amazement in the moment

As I look at my youngest as he holds an upside-down Sofie like a Trident, I think about how much joy he has in this moment.  It's amazing. Everything is pure joy. There are no lingering dark-shadowed thoughts in the depths of his mind. He's just happy to be drooling, looking at his mama, and conquering his pack-n-play. I love his innocence of youth. I know he will loose that someday.  But, hopefully not for years to come.

Isaac then turns to me and cries that he can't pick up Asher to help him stand since he knows it bring Asher yet more joy. He loves his brother so much. It's incredible.  He already asks for him when he's not around. He cares about his feelings and tries to make him laugh with these crazy sounds, which I can only describe as labored grunts. But, it's entertaining to a six month old, so who am I to judge?  He doesn't care about what other people think, just that it will bring another smile to his brother.

I'm blessed.


  1. Oh!! You're so right!! And it's wonderful to see! And wonderful that you can see it!!


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