The weekend's not even over, but I have so many pictures, that I thought I should share.Well, really these are from the last few days, but we've been hanging out, having a good time and riding elevators!!!

Out in the yard on a great evening.

Look at that perfect Scandinavian profile! He's all me!

Saturday morning was all about brotherly love.

We visited my campus to ride elevators.  Hooray!
An Otis elevator!

Saying "Hi" to the Gorlok.

A Kone elevator!

Compact shelving!  Oh the wonders of the library! This should totally be a promotional add for the library.

I'll borrow this one. That one, but you've read it twice!?


  1. You look great wearing Asher! And I love your sense of humor! I love the Beauty and the Beast snippet! Do you have that soundtrack? I need to get it for Olivia!

    It makes me nostalgic looking at your boys in clothes my boys have worn. Sigh! So sweet!


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