New beginnings

Asher is starting to eat rice cereal already. The pediatrician said we can start this along with some fruits and veggies.  I haven't pureed anything yet, but plan to today. I'm thinking about starting him on veggies instead of fruits as that's what I did with Isaac and he ate everything as a baby.

He actually did quite well with the cereal. He sought on faster than Isaac did and even tilted his head back so gravity helped him.  I thought that was pretty funny.  He's just hard wired to eat. :-) Just not to sleep. For posterity, I'm writing down his night schedule:

6:30 - 7:00, Bottle (7 oz)
10:00 - 11:00 Wakes up on his own (5 1/2 oz - 7 oz)
1:30-ish, Wakes up on his own (nurses - full feeding)
4:30, Wakes up on his own (nurses - light feeding)
6:30, Morning wake time for the day - I wake him. On weekends I'll let him sleep until he gets up about 7:00-7:30

Sometimes the first nap of the day is long and he'll go 4+ hours between meals. We've tried waking him from this nap so he'll sleep longer later, but it never works. Sleep begets sleep in babies. Does eating beget eating, because he sure eats a lot at night.

In other news, Isaac started school on Friday.  He's at a local Catholic school that has a two-year old program. He wasn't eligible for the three-year old room; he would have had to turn three by the end of July. So close.  He'll just be the oldest in his class.

When I dropped him off, there were a lot of kids crying. He jumped right in and started to play, though. Hooray!  He wasn't too happy about having to come inside from the playground, nor did he want to leave.  That's good, though.  I think this will give him some great peer-play as I've been slacking with the play dates. Plus, I'm hoping the three mornings a week will be good for Alex... if Asher cooperates.


  1. Asher is getting so big!! And now "solids!" Hooray!! You're doing great with him! It's just hard...

    Yay for Isaac starting school! It's a win-win-win!! And being the oldest in the class is an advantage that not everyone gets! Go with it!


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