Isaac is three!

About a week and a half ago, Isaac and I were talking about how he is going to turn three.  At this time he asked for a party and even asked for specific kids to come over.  Hmm. I wasn't planning on this at all.  I lured parents over with the promise of wine as well as cake and water play for the kiddos.  With our A/C having died a few days ago, I cheated and bought a cake and just cut up the strawberries that I planned on using for a homemade cake. We ended up all having cake and no wine.  Some beer, though. I even got out champagne b/c it goes with everything, but we didn't end up popping the cork.

Not everyone could make it, but it was a great number. We had eight kids and six adults. Bubbles, chalk, water play, and good conversation made for a great party.

Here's Isaac yesterday morning outside and opening up presents. I even let him have ice cream b/c he associated that with birthdays. Sure, that's an okay morning snack. ;-)


Afternoon Party time:


  1. That sounds like a perfect number for a party!! And it looks like everyone had fun! Way to go, mama! You delivered even on short notice and took pictures, too! Woot woot!


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