Fun, except when sick

This past week was filled with fun for the little ones.  Well, mostly Isaac.  Asher just comes along for the ride.

On Friday, we went to the zoo.  They have a band on Friday evenings and it stays open late, which is great. We were able to see some of Isaac's favorite animals and have a good time.  We got caught in the rain, but it wasn't bad and Isaac didn't seem to mind at all.

The looks was b/c it was starting to rain.

On Saturday the boys and I went to the playground.  It is part of a larger park, so we actually explored a bit, too, which was nice.  We then went back to the house and Isaac played outside a bit while Asher slept and Alex and I got a bit of yard work done.

On Sunday and Monday, Isaac was down with a stomach bug.  I hate to see him sick.  He looks so small and fragile.  Fortunately it didn't last long and he was back up and pseudo-playing by Monday evening.

On Tuesday Isaac and I went to a local train depot to look at the model trains.  He got really excited and even did the toddler squeal when they went past.  It was very cute.  He kept talking about the bridges and tunnels. It was also really hot in there, so we didn't stay long.  He was almost equally impressed with the large rocks in the parking lot and called a large pile a mountain.  I guess from his perspective, it was.

In other news, Asher is showing that he can be rather difficult.  He figured out that the higher the pitch scream/cry he does, the faster we come.  He also doesn't like to be in one position more than 5 minutes.  I kind of think that he gets bored quickly.  He also isn't napping particularly well. Unfortunately, this means playing with Isaac is damn near impossible when Asher is awake.  He told both Alex and me at separate times to put Asher to bed.  I know he wants to play, but with a little screamer, it's hard.  I'm hoping Asher grows out of this phase soon... and that it is just a phase.


  1. Oh! I commented on this before, but I guess I didn't hit Publish...

    I'm sorry Isaac was sick, but the zoo looked fun! No wonder he loves fish and aquariums! They look impressive!

    And Asher is a cutie and is just making his presence known. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! It is hard. And Leo and Olivia still ask me to put Jason down for his nap so they can do things they can't do with him up. They are learning patience and we are all learning that everyone is different.

    Love to everyone!!


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