Aunt Christine!

My sister came for a visit this past weekend. It was perfectly timed. We still had no A/C and I needed help!  Getting stuff done around the house when schedules and sleeping arrangements are off is incredibly difficult. Kids thrive on routine and ours went out the window! She cleaned (a lot!) and watched kiddos while Alex and I got projects completed. Thank you for vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning the forgotten things like dust and dog-nose-prints off of doors! (Stephanie did this, too. I apparently need to pay closer attention to my doors.) Plus, we had a wonderful visit.  Even though it was hot and she did a lot of work, she didn't complain at all. Well, at least not out loud. ;-)

Isaac got a kick out of Aunt Christine. They played a lot and he gave her many hugs - so cute. On Sunday he wasn't feeling well, and he ended up snuggling with her. She gave him the comfort he needed when he had a fever. Thank you for coming and loving on my babies!

After she left, Isaac said that she blasted off at the airport. Honestly, I think one of his favorite things about her visit is that he got to ride on the elevator at the airport several times. It's all part of the fun.

Here are a few more pictures from this past week. We got outside when we could since inside wasn't much cooler.

Can you tell he just ate strawberries?

Oh, and we have Air Conditioning now! We went through the whole process of getting recommendations for vendors, doing evaluations, getting bids, choosing a vendor, and getting it installed in less than two weeks. That's pretty good!  Plus, having A/C again is just wonderful!


  1. It was a great visit!! I love you and wish we lived closer!! Your boys are wonderful and I had fun with them!!

    And, yay, for new air conditioning!


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