We have Internet!

After the big storms on Wednesday afternoon, we were without power for 12 hours.  Isaac loved the candles and has renewed interest in them.  Some people are still without power, so we're very lucky.  There are trees down all over our area.  We had several branches down, but most of them are cleaned up.  Thank you, Alex! Unfortunately I just pulled several more out of bushes and trees that we didn't see at first, so we still have to break them down and bundle them for pickup.

We were without Internet for 3 days.  Alex and I realized what we use the Internet for most: news, recipes, watching YouTube videos of elevators.  Isaac kept asking about watching elevators and I had to tell him no.  Then he asked to watch bells.  Sorry kid, still no.

In other news, Isaac has been playing a lot outside when it isn't raining.  We play with the neighbor kids and I get a chance to talk to the parents. It's a win win situation.  Except when Isaac decides to dump dirt all over his head and he needs a bath and leaves a ring around the tub.  Oh well. We're washable.

Look at that face!

Ring around the tub.

Surprise lily coming out early.  Surprise!

Last weekend Isaac WANTED to swim with the girls next door.  Up to this point if they'd ask he would always say no.  It was a lot of fun.  The life jacket I had for him wasn't the best in a 3 foot pool and I don't have a puddle jumper because I didn't think he'd want to swim.  So, he used a little inner tube and I got in the water with him.  It worked out well.

We donate to the zoo and are rewarded with some perks, such as a behind-the-scenes tour.  We finally took them up on their offer and had a great time.  We took a golf cart around the zoo and learned about the animals as well as some of the tentative plans for expansion.  We also got to go in the Children's Zoo and see how they prepare food for the animals (they have a freezer full of dead mice.) We also got to pet several animals, such as a dove, bearded dragon, a big snake (sorry, I can't remember what kind,) a chinchilla, armadillo, and several more.  I only took one picture after it since we were busy with Isaac.  Asher was home with a babysitter, so it worked out very well.

We've also just been hanging out inside since we've had so much rain lately.  Big boxes and crayons.  What's not to love?

Oh, and I finally got the picture framed my Mom took in North Dakota.  I decided against a black frame since I didn't think it would go with the image.  However, I'm doubting myself a little now.  I guess that's why they still have frame stores and experts in this field. ;-) It's a terrible picture and you can see my reflection a bit in the glass, but you get the idea.


  1. Wow! There is a lot in this post! I'm glad you all are safe after the storms. I guess the drawback to having the church trees is that they can those branches. Sounds like a lot of work to clean them all up!

    The zoo sounds so much fun! And good for you getting a babysitter for Asher!

    Yay for Isaac swimming with the neighbors!! He's expanding his world a little! And it's great to have other adults to talk to and kids for your kids to play with!! Totally win win!

  2. Oh, and the ring around the tub!! Ha!! I love that you photographed it!!

    And mom's ND picture looks good in that frame! Black would have been too stark.


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