Doing well... mostly

Some days I'm so tired I could cry.  But, it's just a stage in the life of a baby.  I know we get past this.  Really, life is pretty good over all.  Everyone is healthy, happy, and the dishes get done before I go to bed most nights (this is my way of measuring how well we are handling life if general.)

The big news in our household is Isaac's toddler bed.  He's doing a great job with it. We've noticed a lot more kicks lately and decided that he needed a bit more space.  While he is on the same mattress, he can now flop his legs over the side since he insists on sleeping sideways on his bed. He tells us all the time that he has a big boy bed!  Funny.  Only once have I heard him get out of bed after we put him in.  Every morning he's in bed and waiting for me to get him up.  I guess it is part of the routine.  I've kept our routine the exact same at night and in the morning, so I'm hoping this helps.  We also have one of those clocks that turns color in the morning, so I think that it is helping, too.

Alex is doing an amazing job watching the boys during the day.  The boys are alive, fed, changed, and happy when I come home from work. He's also continuing to build chairs.  He mentioned that he's getting a bit bored of them and that he will likely only make one more with this design.  The latest one is by far the best!

Asher is big.  As of Wednesday, he's up to 16lbs 3 oz.  He is very aware.  He KNOWS when we are about to put him down for a nap and let's us know his disapproval.  :-)  He likes looking around and loves being held up in a sitting and standing position. He's a fan of toys and prefers to have something in his hands almost all the time. He is starting to be very fussy in the afternoons.  I'm not sure if that's the witching hour or if he is starting to get teeth.  I'm thinking it is the latter as he has his hands in his mouth a lot more and I've noticed some extra drooling going on.

One bad day a few weeks ago, Alex bought me chocolate.  It is my new favorite.  I'm even doing well savoring them and only having one to two a night. This is especially hard as I have very little will power when it comes to chocolate while nursing. I wanted to share the awesomeness with you.  It's like Ferrero Rocher, but even better!


  1. I love you, girl! You are doing awesome!! This season of life is so FULL! And it's wonderful and also overwhelming. Here's to you doing it!


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