Asher was baptized this past weekend.  We had family come in from all over and it was wonderful!  Most everyone stayed at a hotel, which was great since we are not equipped to host 10 people.  Fran, Vern, Grant, Carrie, Isabel, Grace, Jeremy, Dorothy, Steve, and Stephanie all came for the event. We made it work for lunches at our house, but decided that going out every evening would be best.

We had a great time.  Despite the heat, we got outside a little bit to visit on the deck and go for a 'radiant' walk one evening.  The group headed over to Budweiser one day for a tour, but ended up checking out the museum and making good use of the beer garden instead.

Mostly we just hung around inside to visit.  We watched kids play and caught up with each other.

The cousins had a lot of fun with each other, too.  Isaac was enamored by his big cousin, Isabel, and followed her around all the time.  Fortunately, she was a good sport about it and took the time to play with and humor him. Thank you!


The baptism went very well. Besides being rather warm in the alcove, it was great.  Asher was a bit fussy at the beginning, but once the holy water went on him, he immediately calmed down. (The power of Christ compels you. - Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Alex's brother, Grant, and sister-in-law, Carrie, agreed to be godparents.  I found out this weekend that Grant has the same Baby-Calming gene that Alex does.  It came in handy as I mentioned we suspect Asher is starting to teethe soon.



Thank you all for coming!


  1. What an awesome occasion!! I'm so glad that you had so much family in for the weekend!! It looks like fun!


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