3 Months

Asher is three months old today!

Here are a few updates..


  • He is very social and wants you to talk to him all the time.  
  • He loves it when Isaac is near him.
  • He runs his hands through his hair a lot!  
  • He makes cute gurgling noises and will repeat himself if you do it back to him.  
  • He's the only kid I know who LIKES Nose Frida.  Maybe he's just starved for attention.
  • He eats 6-7 times a day and is up to roughly 15 lbs.
  • The most he's gone in between meals is 5 hours.  Sometimes it's 2 1/2 though.  Most of the time it is 3 1/2. We're not quite at a fixed schedule yet.
  • We've just moved up to size 2 diapers.  That has helped the blow out situation quite a bit. :-)
  • He likes pulling Alex's chest hair, so he's been wearing socks as mittens a lot lately.
  • He likes when I sing You are my Sunshine.  But, it's kind of a sad song, really.
  • He likes looking at 
    • faces
    • fans spin
    • himself in the mirror
    • Picasso's The Old Guitarist.
  • He rolled over twice already

Not to forget the other little boy in my life...


  • He's recently discovered plugging his ears can change how much sound you hear.  It's actually quite funny as he is doing it often.
  • He tells us what he wants by saying, "Want to play iPad, okay?" So when you say, "Isaac, would you like to play on the iPad?," he says, "All right!"
  • He narrates himself as he does things.  He also drags out words. Like, a lot!  "You can use step ssssssssttttooooo .......... ooooollll (step stool) to sit on."
  • He still doesn't drink milk - I keep trying every few months, but he'll take a sip and then ask for juice. I'll even put chocolate syrup in it.  
  • He is really good at trying foods.  He may not eat any more than that, but he'll try it.
  • He's still super into elevators.  We have painters tape in several places around the house that I cut into an up triangle and a down triangle (for the call buttons) along with several small square buttons (for the floor selection buttons.)  He uses them all the time.
  • He wants to play with Asher's toys.  He'll even get on the play mat. I let him. He gets bored of it quickly and isn't hurting anything.
  • He loves to laugh and will start fake laughing until I actually laugh and then we end up giggling together.
  • He's learned what Zombies say, "BRAINS!" I think he thinks it's an animal b/c he then says, "What does a cow say, MOO!"
  • When we tell him 'no' about something, he'll respond with "Oh no!"
  • His vocabulary is getting so much bigger! Some of the recent words that he's used are:
    • fixtures (as in the buttons and switches on elevators)
    • delicious
    • scrumptious 
    • escalator
    • thermostat
    • errand
    • double-decker bus
    • troglodyte (just kidding, but Alex wants to teach him that one)
  • He comments on just about everything: "This one has a window." (about an elevator, of course)
  • His favorite book is now Little Blue Truck. If we only had a book about elevators ;-)
  • He's a happy kid.


  1. This is an awesome post!! These are the kinds of posts I mean to do, but hardly ever do. This one is for the baby book!!

    Asher: Sweet baby!! You and Alex are doing SO well transitioning to this family of four!! I love that you are loving all his little firsts, even though it's your second time through!

    Isaac: One of the most exciting parts of parenting is watching your child learn to talk, interact, read, etc. I'm excited for him, too!! I would love to hear him say "scrumptious!" I bet it is too adorable! We like Little Blue Truck, too! I'll have to keep my eye out for elevator books!


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