Visitors and Fun

We've been active this past week.  Alex's mom came into town to bring plants.  She played with Isaac and made our side yard beautiful!  Thank you, Fran. I also forgot to show you the irises.  They were beautiful in full bloom.

Isaac's been asking to go to the playground for a while and we finally got there. It was pretty warm, so we took a break from play in the shade and had a snack.  He called it a picnic and said, "Umizoomi  (a cartoon) has picnics sometimes."   It's the first time he's used 'sometimes' in a sentence, so I was impressed.

We've also been playing around the house.  One day it was quite warm so I brought out bowls of water for him to play with.  He was content  dumping water from one to another until he learned that the bowls could make noise.

We also went in to my work to show off the kids.  I'm going back to work on Monday, so I wanted to take them in while I could.  It had a duel purpose, though, as there are two elevators where I work.  Isaac was thrilled!!

My mother and grandmother came for a short visit as well.  I'm so glad they did because I wasn't sure when I'd be able to take off as I'm using all my sick and vacation time in order to still have an income while I stay home.  It was great seeing them both.  Plus, I was low on grandma hugs, so having her here was wonderful.


  1. I love this post!! The family picture with Grandma is great!! Asher is growing so much and looking a lot like you, I think! Also, I love that you are using the baby tent!! Hooray! And go Isaac for playing and making comparisons and using new words! Way to go Vixes!


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