Summer days

It's hot!  We've been enjoying the outdoors when we can, but it's almost too hot some days to be playing outside.  Isaac doesn't seem to understand the need to go inside, have a drink, and cool off.  He's just go go go all the time.  Such is the life of a toddler.  Here are some backyard pictures.

We play with the water as much as possible, but it's been a slow go.  Isaac wasn't too sure about the sprinkler at first, but if I have it as low as it will go, then he's more comfortable with it.  He'll even ask me to turn it down.  Once he asked me to make it bigger, so that's good.  We're not quite to the point where he runs through it, however he is always soaked by the time we're ready to go inside.

Below are the Scarlet runner beans from my Mom, but originally from my cousin.  This picture is a few days old, so they are already much bigger now.  They grow so quickly!!  I'm looking forward to their blossoms as they are supposed to be very pretty.We also have a few daylilies from my mother in law that are just beautiful.

To fulfill the wishes of a little boy, I took Isaac to my work to ride the elevators.  He was thrilled.  He didn't even push the alarm this time :-)


  1. Getting outside is a must! But it's hard when it is so hot! I hope you are getting some reprieve from the heat!!

    I have the same beans in my garden from mom! I didn't trellis them well, though, so we will see what happens!

    Yay for elevators and curious kids!


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