Back to work

I started half-days on Monday, except Tuesday was super long as I went to a conference two hours away and presented.  It worked out well.  The conference planner was very accommodating of my making-milk-for-baby needs.

I cried on Sunday in anticipation of going back to work.  I cried a little when I got home on Monday and finally got to hold Asher.  Tuesday and yesterday were better.  Today I missed him acutely. I just have a need to hold him when I get home and I'm doing okay. I would have loved to take a bit more time in order for Asher to be on a better schedule, but it didn't work out that way.  I'm lucky I had as much time as I did.

Alex has been wonderful.  He's sent me pictures of Asher while I'm at work, which is helpful.  Here are a few.

Isaac and Asher seem to be doing well.  I come home and they are happy.  Isaac needs more snuggles, but I'm happy to oblige. Asher was super happy today. You can see his skin tag in his nose really well in this video.  It is something we'll have to discuss with an ENT at some point.


  1. Oh, Asher's noisy!! Love his little coos!!

    YOU ARE AWESOME!! You are doing so well and taking things in stride! Yay for Alex, too!! You guys are doing it!! More snuggles from kids is a good thing!!


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