One Month

Asher is one month old.  He is smiling more, but I don't think it is intentional yet.  I pretend that it is, though.  I also pretend that he is kissing my neck when he is rooting and I'm holding him on my shoulder.  It's the little things. He's a sweet boy.

He is still eating every three hours, even at night.  He tends to be awake a bit more at a time.

He is also quite clear that he likes being held... a lot.  He is still a VERY vocal little guy. His slightly lazy eye is getting better.  Apparently that is quite common for newborns, but Isaac didn't have it, so I wasn't sure.  He wakes up when Isaac is around, but we just have a louder house at this point. :-)


  1. That's a great daddy and baby picture! One month down; it only gets easier from here. -KL

  2. One month!! Awesome! And every three hours is pretty good, right?! It could be every two!


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