Mother's Day weekend

My Mother's Day started on Saturday when Alex got the days mixed up (sleep-deprived new parent - you know.)  He make an excellent dinner of a rib roast, garlic potatoes, and green beans.

On Sunday, I took Asher and Isaac for a walk.  I've been doing better about this and have been able to go a little bit farther each day.  So far, I'm only up to about a mile while pushing the stroller, but abdominal surgery takes a while to recover from and I don't want to push it.  You know, incisions bursting open isn't something to mess around with.

We've been having great walks lately and I wanted to extend our outdoor time by playing on the deck since it was such a nice day.  There are several trees over the deck and we had a lot of pollen and tiny buds from the tree falling on us.  Isaac said the deck was a mess.  Funny. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that was falling from the trees.  I kept feeling movement on my arms but assumed it was the breeze or the buds hitting my arms and bouncing off.  That wasn't the case. There were tiny larva/worms that came down on us as well.  They were yellow and about two millimeters long.  Not funny. Once I realized larva was raining down on me and my children, I rushed everyone inside to take a shower.  There may or may not have been a comment about burning clothes.  Alex helped me manage the kids while we got cleaned up.  Isaac wasn't a fan of the shower.  Asher seemed to do better with it. So gross. Ah, the joys of Spring.

The rest of the day was better.  Alex made sure I had a long nap to make up for a difficult night, some breaks in the day, and he once again made a wonderful dinner.  Plus, I got a shower and didn't have to mess with bathing kids at night.  So, that's something.

I'm REALLY missing the help we had from family.  We are so behind on all housework, sleep, and sanity.  Our priorities are kids, dog, and kitchen.  Family would entertain kids while I took care of some additional things around the house.  Now it's all us again. Laundry got so far behind that we actually went through the tons of clothes for Asher and were down to three sleepers.  To be fair, he does spit up on them, hose them off, or have blowouts often enough to go through four outfits a day sometimes.  He also gets us occasionally, too.  Plus, there are the unexpected thing like larva rain to contend with.  Most of the time I feel like it's a feat if I can do something extra between dishes, feeding and wrangling kids like sweep the floors since I still ca't vacuum.  With Roy around this is definitely needed!!   I know this is the hardest time and will only get better from here.

Please note that I'm coming off of a second difficult night; most of the time things are good and overall getting better each day.

[Written while nursing with church bells ringing in the background.]


  1. Oh no! I can see you now, "My babies!" I'm glad things got better. - KL

  2. Larva rain. :) I know that it would not be the same; but, if you guys were still here, I would come over on weekends and evenings, all of them if you liked, to help out. I'd hold babies. I'd do laundry. I'd cook. You know that that last one is true love.

  3. I love you, sister. Hang in there. It is all so much!! Mom always suggested I get help--a mother's helper or someone, and it annoyed me. But finally I did, and it made a huge difference! Even someone to play with Isaac while Asher is napping so you can do whatever else you need to do. I know you have NO time to look for someone, but perhaps the opportunity will present itself. Say yes. Pay her $6 an hour. Everyone will be happy!


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