Another week in paradise

Well, close; it is nice to be home.  A lot of people don't get this long with their kids and healing time after a birth, so I am thankful.  Plus, now that I'm off my post-C-section restrictions, I can do so much more.  I can lift laundry, Isaac, the car seat, etc.  It's made life much better.  I even took Isaac on errands with me because I can now get him in and out of the car seat.

We've been playing this past week per usual.  I feel pretty good most of the time.  I still have to get back into shape so I'm not exhausted by the end of the day when I go back to work.  I've been taking walks when possible and getting out of the house as much as I can.

He's playing elevator, the latest obsession.

Two days ago, we noticed our air conditioning wasn't as effective.  We tried all the usual things, but nothing is working.  It only gets warm inside at the end of the day , so we've been able to manage with fans and opening windows in the evening.  The boys don't seem to mind much. We have someone coming today, so hopefully we'll be back up soon.  These pictures are from cooler days as you can see by their outfits.

Isaac had a stomach bug yesterday.  Poor little guy.  We kept the boys separated all day, which was actually pretty easy as Isaac was on the couch and didn't move and Asher can't move yet. Last night Isaac was able to keep down applesauce before bed, so at least he had something to eat.yesterday.  This morning he said, "Vomit's all gone. Get something to eat?" He's walking around, playing, and has had most of a piece of toast.  We are on the mend!

Asher had a Dr. appointment yesterday.  He is 12 1/2 lbs (75%), 23 1/2 inches long (85%), and has a big head (95%). He's gaining well, and is getting happier all the time.  Thank goodness.  We thought he didn't like us for a while.  Some of his likes include: filling fresh diapers, spitting up on daddy, being tickled on his cheeks, and the swing.  Some dislikes include: getting his clothes changed, being cold, being hot, waiting for food, trying to be fed when he arbitrarily decides he is finished, and loud noises (sorry kid, you have a brother.)


  1. Wow!! Asher is your big boy!! He really is growing!!

    Poor little Isaac and the stomach bug. :( Glad he is on the mend now!

    Good for you for getting outside! And yay for the restrictions being lifted!


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