This week started out a bit rough, but the boys still had fun.  We are starting to get a bit more sleep, so that is helping.  I'm trying to be good about spending time with Isaac so he doesn't act out for attention.  It still happens as he is a toddler, but I'm hoping he's getting what he needs while we do too.

My sister Stephanie and two of her kids came to visit over the weekend and helped us get caught up on housework.  She did laundry, vacuumed, picked up, wiped up, and was a general support.  Plus, we had fun, too. Abby and I spent some quality girl time at the salon for mani-pedis.  I've never had gels done, but so far they've held up to dishes and general wear and tear amazingly well.

We also went to the zoo (I temporarily misplaced my phone, so no pictures.)  Asher stayed home with Alex and I went.  It was wonderful getting out of the house.  I think everyone got to see something they wanted.  As you can tell from the pictures I do have, it was chilly this past weekend, but everyone had fun.

Here are a few more pics as I was told I needed another picture of me.  Plus, Isaac looks cute in his robe.  We've been wearing it on chilly mornings.  I'm loathe to turn on the heat again.  The house is almost at the temperature I will do it, though.


  1. Aww!! You are doing the "mother of two" thing amazingly well! It IS an adjustment, and a journey. You look beautiful and your good attitude IS helping!! Asher is so, so, so adorable in your arms! Love, love, love to you all!!


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