Just in case

In case baby Asher comes early, I'm doing a post today.  This was posted through yawns and drooping eyes, so there isn't going to be much text.

On Saturday we went over to friend's in the evening.  They have three little ones, so Isaac really enjoyed playing.  Their daughter is six months older than Isaac, so they are pretty well suited for play.

It was chilly for church in the morning, but we had a great time since we waited and got to see the church bells ring outside.  He gets such a kick out of them.

This was us on Sunday afternoon enjoying the day. I had a helper water in the grass seed as well as an artist and a dog-sitter.  :-)

I'll try to do one more belly shot before little dude is born.


  1. I think that Isaac looks like Wilson/Bill a little just in the way he is sitting with Roy in that photo! Cute! I love the popcorn snack!


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