Happy Easter

(Sorry this is late, guys - I've been gestating) We had a great Easter weekend!  Isaac experienced the Easter bunny and jelly beans for the first time.  I think he was thinking about real bunnies when I said we would go say Hi to the Easter Bunny and his not-so-sure reaction was the result.  That's okay, though.  There was an event where I work, so I took him to that.  He had some funny looks for the Easter Bunny and mascot, but I gave him a cookie, so he was content.

Finding eggs was also quite new.  I literally had to tell him to pick up an egg and put it in his basket.  He found five, though, so that's pretty good.  Last year he was only 1 1/2 and still a bit unsure on his feet, so we didn't bother.  This year was a lot of fun with all the other kiddos, too.  We even won an Easter basket for finding a golden egg.  Hooray.

Isaac enjoyed the sweets and there are still plenty more.  Alex took the blue peeps as I didn't want Isaac looking like a smurf.  Plus, peeps are gross (sorry peep lovers.)  He brought me the chocolate bunny to open.  So far he's had the ears.  I've been good not to eat it.  Then again, I have better chocolate for myself. ;-)

Saturday was a cool but beautiful day and we took advantage of being outside.

Alex took a picture of us after church.  I didn't realize how funny it looks to have a giant belly and hold a toddler.  Isaac is pretty much sitting on my belly.  But, mamas have been doing this for ages, so no need to worry.


  1. I love the picture of you and Isaac!! Nine months pregnant plus a toddler does not comfort make!! Sweet photos of you together! Now, when mom comes, get a family of three shot before you become a family of four!


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