First week

Asher is just over a week old.  Already he is his own little man.  He looks like he's going to take after my side, particularly my paternal grandfather, whom I favor as well.  He is loud with all his bodily functions and isn't a fan of baby wearing.

We stayed in the hospital for four days and it was needed.  Abdominal surgery is no joke.  They kept in the epidural from Friday morning until Sunday morning and boy did I miss it.  I really thought, "Oh, this isn't so bad." until they took it out.  Then I was really feeling it.  I'm on pain medication now, but I'm already not taking as much as I could, so that's a good sign.

Isaac came to visit us each day.  I was worried about him seeing me in the hospital bed.  My mom prepped him with pictures of what a hospital looks like.  It turns out we didn't need to worry.  He was so impressed with the elevator that that's all he talked about.  He now pretends his play tent and a little cabinet are elevators.  He says, "Ding, third floor."  Too funny.
On our way home from the hospital

My mother went home Saturday after helping us out for 10 days.  Thank you Mom! She played with Isaac and kept up the house.  Seriously I don't think we'd have clean clothes or dishes without her.

At home

Isaac has also been very good about me not being able to pick him up.  He's adjusted to Alex putting him to bed and getting him out.  I have to remind Isaac that my belly is healing, but he seems fine when I say I can't pick him up.

Isaac is also doing very well with his language progression. He is applying language rules and quickly finding that English has a lot of irregular verbs.  Poor kid.  English is hard.  For example, he will say, "Isaac catched it." I'll correct him and then he will correct me.  There's so much to learn.

I've started taking a few pictures of Asher, but will need to get more.  Here are a few.

Blue Steel


  1. glad to hear all is going well and your recovering nicely. Glad to hear you did not need to worry about Issac and the hospital... We had the same fear with Callum, when Declan was in the NICU but along with elevator it was all the cool monitors in the room that made noises

  2. I'm so glad that life is going on and you are in a good enough routine to be blogging!! Way to go, mama!! I'm glad Mom was able to be a good help to you, too!! And that last photo of Asher melts me! I loved that sweet sleeper and he looks so cute in it!! Take care of yourself, Heidi! Abdominal surgery is no joke and having a newborn and a toddler is no joke!


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