Catching Up

I'm writing this with a newborn in my lap and a toddler watching church bells ring on youtube videos. (If you are interested, look up "Cloches" otherwise you'll get a music video.) Isaac is a little obsessed with church bells... and elevators.  Every cup in the house is a bell. Everything that opens and closes is an elevator.  It could be worse, like he could want to watch Caillou.

We are all knackered, but doing well.  I got birth announcements out, so I feel like I accomplished something.  I try to have a project a day.  Most of the time my projects are: do a load of laundry, water the plants, or something of the sort.  Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can barely catch my breath between juggling kids and trying to take care of myself, too.  I'll get into a groove soon, I know, but I'm not quite there yet.  Overall, we are doing well.  Alex is taking the late night shift and I am taking the morning. That way we get at least one full sleep cycle combined with shorter sleep bursts.  It totally makes a difference and is so needed!

I am just waiting to be cleared for more physical activity and being able to pick up Isaac.  I'm hoping at my 6-week Dr. visit, I will be given the okay.  Isaac is a champ.  He's adjusted really well.  I just hope it continues.

Fran came to help out this past weekend.  Her specialities are loving on Isaac and gardening.  Both received much-needed attention.  Thank you, Fran!!

Asher is doing really well.  At his one-week visit, he was above birth-weight!  At his two-week visit he was nearly a pound over birth-weight!  He likes to eat.  A lot.  He eats about every 2 1/2 hours in the daytime and takes about 35-45 minutes. That doesn't leave a lot of in-between time for the necessary housework, spending time with Isaac, cooking, and everything else, but we are managing.


  1. You're doing great! Even blogging at all says you are doing great! I'm glad you and Alex have figured out a sleep pattern to help you both. Way to go!


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