It's so nice to have flowers in bloom and warm weather.  Isaac and I have been playing outside a lot.

Yesterday after Isaac didn't feel well, we ventured outside for a bit. It was shorts weather! A neighbor gave us a tricycle that their girl's outgrew.  I think when Isaac can control it, he will be more excited about it.  Right now he just pushes it or sits in it while I push him around.

It seems him not feeling well was not a fluke yesterday.  He was sick several times last night and this morning.  I'm home for a few hours as he's only wanted to sit in my lap and lay on the couch.  Poor little guy.  Alex isn't well either, but hopefully he's at the tail end of it.  So far, I've managed not to get sick.  Let's hope it stays that way.


  1. I hope you all feel/felt better soon! Sickness + pregnancy = rough times. Sorry!

    I love the trike with no pedals!! I want to get a similar one to that for Jason!!

    1. It does have pedals, but they are hard to see as they are white like the wheel.


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