It's been a crazy week.  Between the weather fluctuations, Isaac being super naughty, and me being super ready to have this baby, Alex and I are exhausted.

Saturday was beautiful and got cold throughout the day. On Sunday we had snow in the morning.  He even took credit for it.  He started out by saying, "Mommy make snow; yay mommy."  After explaining that I didn't make the snow he said, "Isaac make snow; yay Isaac" and then clapped.  He Isaac was disappointed that I wouldn't let him run around in the heavy wet snow with his pj's and robe.  I knew it was going to disappear quickly, so we just stayed in.  By the time he was up from his nap, the snow was gone.  He told me that we needed to go on an errand to buy more snow. It's really like this, "Mommy go errand - get snow. Isaac come, too."  He might think we can buy it b/c we were beside a fish counter in the grocery several days ago and he saw the crushed ice and called it snow. :-)

Yesterday was Isaac's super naughty day.  He had two escape attempts when, for a brief period, the screen doors were unlocked.  He climbed the drawers to get a knife. He pulled out his dresser drawer on top of himself. Needless to say by the time I got home, Alex needed a break!  I tried to keep Isaac outside last night so he wouldn't be underfoot for Alex.

In the first picture, he told me he was tired and proceeded to lay down on the deck.  I gave him my jacket and he snuggled with that for about 30 seconds.  Then he realized it had been 30 seconds since he got into anything dangerous and ran off. :-) 
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My birthday celebrations started yesterday and will continue until tomorrow.  Hooray!  I love long birthdays. Here's a selfie from last night.  The belly continues to grow!


  1. Isaac is too funny. I love the picture of you. You look great. - KL

  2. You do!! And a bit of naughtiness happens! Glad you all got through it!


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