Hello March

It's getting close.  I'm so ready for baby to arrive.  We have a few things to do in the baby's room, still, but it'll get there. Alex will put up the curtains, valances, etc this weekend.  I hung up the pictures and Isaac helped me set up the crib tonight.  Pictures to come when the room is complete.  We are leaving the bed in there for now since it allows both Alex and me to get a good night's sleep by sleeping separately during my tossing&turning last few weeks.  Plus, Alex doesn't wake me when he comes to bed after working late.

Here are a few pictures to satiate your Isaac-picture needs.

We had a good weekend at the playground and playing outside.

Last night I came home to a surprise.  My sisters and parents got us a double stroller that can accommodate a carseat.  I'm very excited about this.


  1. Isaac is looking so much like a little boy now and losing a lot of the baby/toddler look, especially in the first picture. Where are the baby bump pictures? - KL

  2. Agreed! We need to see a baby bump photo! Can't wait to meet the little guy! Glad you are happy with the stroller.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad baby's arrival is coming soon!! And so glad you are knocking things off your to-do list while savoring this time with Isaac!


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