Sunny days

We had great weather this past weekend and we took full advantage! Between playing outside, going to the playground, and going to the zoo, we had a fun-filled few days off.  Plus, we got to hang out with neighbors that we don't normally see as well as friends who just had a new baby.

Isaac asks to play in the dirt.  Why not?

Saturday the playground was filled with kids, but Isaac does his own thing most of the time.

A quick trip to the zoo was exactly what we needed!

And, of course, we had to play a bit outside after the mid-day nap. :-)

Isaac love giving Roy sticks because he chews them to little pieces.

Now let's talk about baby.  I'm getting crankier and emotional with this pregnancy.  I think that has to do with being more uncomfortable and getting less sleep.  Just lately the braxton hicks contractions started up again.  I'm trying to be good about drinking plenty of water and putting my feet up at work, but it's not always easy to do.

I finished the monster paintings. Hooray!  We also have the bassinet in our room and all the 0-3 month clothes are folded and put away, so I feel a bit prepared.  The nursery will be painted in a few weeks.  There are a few more things to do, such as getting an area rug for the main part of the room and figuring out what to do with the bed that is in there now.  The blackout blinds have been ordered and the valances are here, I'll do a bit of quick sewing for the hamper and diaper basket, but that won't take long at all as I already have the fabric I need.

I've noticed I need more emotional support from Alex... and chocolate.  I'll try to get a baby bump shot on here next week.  Someone at work told me I look like I have a ball under my shirt.  I guess it's better than looking like a ball all over. :-)


  1. I'm so late reading this! I swear I checked last week and didn't see an update...

    Outside time is good for the body and the soul!! I'm glad you had so much with Isaac...who is getting SO BIG!! Wow, he looks like a little boy now!

    And more cranky and emotional with the pregnancy is okay!! The second pregnancy is just harder for all the reasons you already know! I wish I had good advice, but all I can say is I'm here for you. I will do a better job of letting YOU talk when we talk! I love you my sweet sister!

    Way to go on all the "To Do" list! You're nesting!!


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